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About Philippines

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Facts for the Traveler 

Visas: For most foreign visitors visas are not needed for stays of less than 21 days. Three-month visas can be obtained in advance and cost around US$35. Multiple-entry visas (lasting six and 12 months) are also available but are expensive and only allow for stays of 59 days at a time. Visa extensions are possible and generally faster to obtain in regional areas.

Health risks: cholera, hepatitis, malaria, rabies

Time: UTC plus eight hours

Electricity: 220V, 60 Hz

Weights & measures: Metric 

Tourism: 1.2 million visitors per year 

When to Go 

Generally, the best time to travel is from the middle of December to the middle of May - off-season for typhoons. In the Christmas and Easter breaks, however, everyone is travelling and you'll have trouble getting a seat on any form of transport.

January and May have the most colourful festivals, the rice terraces of Luzon look best in March and April, and this is also the best time for island-hopping.


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